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Thematic weeks

Express your Creativity at Vathi Bleu Private villas.
Combine Holidays with Hobbies here!

The facilities and the beauty of the nature surrounding our accommodation will surely be a source of inspiration for every visitor.

Enjoy one of the thematic weeks organized at Vathi Bleu for the ultimate combination of relaxation and hobbies.

The unique panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the wild natural landscape of Tinos can inspire every creative aspect of our visitors.

If you are creative and enjoy expressing yourself through artistic means such as sculpture or photography, then choose one of Vathi Bleu’s respective thematic week for a vacation in a place with an inexhaustible source of creativity.

If on the other hand, you are trying to find inner peace and self-improvement, then our yoga themed week is the perfect one for you.

The modern minimalist design of Vathi Bleu, the white canvas of the rooms along with their private pools will give you serenity and relaxation, a perfect setting for a week of searching for your inner peace.

Vathi Bleu also gives you the option to attend daily courses of your choice upon request. Notify us a day before the lesson you would like to attend and get ready for unique experiences.

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