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Activities in Tinos

Explore the beauties of Tinos and make your vacation special with the activities offered by the island.


Yoga is a unique combination of physical and mental exercise and Tinos is one of the best destinations for this activity.

With its roots in ancient India and a great affinity for meditation practices, yoga is one of the most popular types of exercise for the mind and body. The basic pillars of yoga are self-discipline, spiritual clarity, and mind-building.

If you want to feel actual wellness and relaxation, yoga is the right choice for you. It is a form of mind and body training, ideal for those seeking tranquility, balance and self-improvement combined with physical exercise for their vacation.

Tinos offers the ideal setting for this type of activity, as it has preserved its natural beauty and traditional Cycladic architecture. It remains an island untouched by mass tourism with many of its beaches, which have not been exploited, offering its visitors peace and tranquility.

At Vathi Bleu you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in a tranquil setting and even combine them with our thematic yoga week. Make your holiday an oasis of tranquility by staying at our accommodation in one of the most peacefull islands in Greece!

Rib cruising

Greece is a unique destination for rib cruising and especially Tinos and the neighboring islands. Rib cruising is one of the most popular activities for Tinos’ visitors as well as travellers of all the islands of the country, since within a few hours travelers can reach remote beaches, neighboring islands and dive in the middle of the sea!

Lovers of the sea and natural landscapes are sure to be fascinated by the beaches of Tinos and the neighboring islands. As in most islands, Tinos has many remote beaches with crystal clear blue waters and unique beauty, worthy of a visit.

Apart from the beaches of Tinos, it is worth visiting the neighboring islands. Tinos is located very close to the beautiful islands of the country, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Paros, Andros and Koufonissia, which you can visit and meet on a day-trip. It is only half a mile away from Andros and 5 miles away from Mykonos.

Rent your boat with or without a captain and enjoy your own private summer cruise!


If you love exercising in nature, then hiking the island’s trails is the right activity for you.

Most of Tinos’ trails remain in excellent condition due to the locals’ efforts to maintain them. Built as the only transport routes between a cluster of picturesque villages, they are an important part of the island’s history and tradition.

The trails that have survived the passage of time and are now accessible are 11 and have a total length of 120 kilometers. Each route has something special, but they all have pure beauty, history and rich tradition.

So if you are interested in alternative tourism, nature and traditional villages, come to Tinos this summer and spend memorable moments walking in the inland of the island.

Horse Riding

Get in touch with nature by learning to ride along the trails of Tinos!

Horse riding is not considered a widespread activity, but even if most have not tried it, it is one of the most relaxing and interactive sports.

The communication between rider and horse has a relaxing effect on both, and if you take your horse and stroll in nature you can enjoy peaceful moments full of beauty.

Tinos is an ideal place for such walks, as its trails give incredible pictures of natural scenery. On the island you will find more or less secluded trails, passing through various traditional villages of the inland and suitable for horse riding.

If you are not an experienced rider, you can combine your vacation with horse riding lessons from one of Tinos’ ridding clubs.

If you are an experienced rider, you are ready to take your horse and ride on one of the magnificent trails of Tinos!

Activities in Tinos for everybody!

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