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Best beaches in Tinos Island!

Beaches in Tinos for every taste. In Tinos you will find some of the best beaches in the Aegean! If you happen to visit the island during summer, you are bound to spend some of your time swimming, diving or just laying under the sun in some of them. There is a great variety of choices, from desert beaches with absolute silence to cosmopolitan ones with beach bars and activities to have some fun. Discover each and every one and you will be definitely rewarded. Beaches in Tinos


Unknown to the most people, an isolated beach covered with pebble, in Kato Meri. The picturesque chapel of Aghios Charalampos seems to decorate the beach.


Shaded by trees and windless, it is a very beautiful sandy beach. Just before arriving, you come across a beautiful picturesque port with tavernas serving good quality dishes.

Agia Thalassa

One of the most well-known, remote and idyllic beaches of Tinos near Panormos. The sand is fine and you will have shade under the trees. Make sure you bring water with you, although Panormos is close enough. Not accessible by car, it’s a 400m walk from Panormos.


The most isolated beach of Tinos, near Panormos. If you want to go there, walk along Aghia Thalassa beach, pass in front of a picturesque chapel and continue straight ahead. It has the same characteristics as Aghia Thalassa beach, but it is more isolated. Although it has a few trees, make sure you bring the necessary for shading and some water as well.


It is a very nice, organized, sandy beach, with a view to the North Aegean. Sun beds and umbrellas are available, while trees provide extra shade. There is also a beach bar. Taverns serving high quality dishes in a wonderful environment are within walking distance in Panormos.


Small, isolated, idyllic, remote beach in the northern part of the island.


Small, isolated beach, next to Mali.

Agios Petros

It’s a beach separated in two by a chapel on a small knoll. Rather isolated, they both have crystal clear waters and fine sand. The one on the left is oblong with a nice view and the other is wider and very idyllic. Do not forget to bring water, an umbrella for the sun and something to eat.


It is a very nice beach suiting all tastes, since a part of it is organized and the other one free and quiet. It is located before Isternia on the way to Giannakis bay on your left. The road reaches almost the coast and there is plenty of parking area for your vehicle. It is wide, very long, with crystal clear waters and you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

In the windless, shaded, organized part of it you can find umbrellas and sunbeds and a beach bar serving snacks, soft drinks, beers and spirits. In the non-organized part, which is wider and very sandy, you can put your own umbrella, chairs, rattan and enjoy sunbathing. Here you can have peace and privacy, since this part is clearly separated from the other one.


Actually we are talking about two beaches very different with each other. The smaller one is sheltered and very cosmopolitan with sun beds and umbrellas, ideal for families. There is a a beautiful picturesque tavern by the seaside and another one on the upper side with a view to Drakonissi and the endless Aegean where you can enjoy your meal.

The larger one is more isolated and exposed to north winds, ideal for surf and chill out. There is a surfing school if you want to catch some waves, handmade “mushroom” umbrellas and a small bar with snacks and cocktails. During the last few years it has become very known in the surf community so you may experience some very good surfing here.


This is a very beautiful, picturesque and quiet beach with fine gravel and a view to the north. A few meters before the beach you will find a beautiful pond with ducks, and, a little before that, a small tavern serving good traditional dishes. The shapes of the rocks on the left of the beach make it unique and observing them has inspired artists and geologists.


Shaded by trees, isolated beach with crystal clear waters and black and white pebbles. Access by car is easy. However, if you choose to come here, make sure you bring water and something to eat, as there are no restaurants or bars nearby.

Santa Margarita

It is a beautiful, pebbled, shaded, rather isolated beach with emerald waters. Access is relatively easy. Make sure you have enough provisions, since there is no restaurant or cafeteria nearby.

Platia Ammos

It is a very beautiful, isolated, rather windless, clean, sandy beach, partially shaded by a few trees, a little after Kionia beach. Accessible by car up to a certain point, then you have to walk a few meters to the beach.

Pachia Ammos

It’s a well known, remote beach. Part of it is a sandy hill which ends in a very beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and a deep green sand color. Make sure you will have shade and water. Although the access is difficult, the destination will surely reward you.

Agios Romanos

Clean, large, sheltered, sandy, easily accessible by car it has turquoise water and is shaded by trees.


Isolated, sheltered with fine sand, it is one of the most exotic beaches of the island. Make sure you bring water and an umbrella for the sun. Located between Kionia and Giannakis bay, it is pretty quiet, not organized and not accessible by car. Many people consider it the most beautiful beach of the island. Although not easily accessible, it will reward you.


It’s a small, isolated, sandy beach with crystal clear waters, exposed to north winds. It’s an excellent choice beyond the ordinary.


It’s an oblong, rather calm, small pebbled beach with umbrellas and a tavern on its end. Located below the beautiful village Kardiani it is very idyllic during evening hours.


8 km away from Chora, this sandy, sheltered beach has waters that don’t deepen suddenly. You will have plenty of shade under the trees or the existing umbrellas with sun beds. A beach bar serves refreshing cocktails and snacks and you will find taverns along the road.

Visit and enjoy all the Beaches of tinos Island for unforgettable vacation!

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