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Sightseeing Tinos
The island that has it all! Tinos is an island worthy of a visit, not only in summer, but all year round.

Still untouched by mass tourism, it has beautiful landscapes and can make for a vacation for all tastes. With about 36 beautiful beaches, traditional villages with Cycladic architecture, local products and Greek flavors, nightlife that does not disappoint, alive year-round customs and endless activities for adventure lovers, Tinos is definitely an ideal travel destination.

The beaches of the island combine earthy landscape with crystal clear waters. Visit Agios Sostis, one of the lively beaches of Tinos, with shallow and clear waters, enjoy the wild beauty of Livada beach and dive in the blue waters of Agios Fokas, the largest beach on the island.

The natural scenery of Tinos gives visitors immense beauty and is ideal for many activities.

Its trails are ideal for hiking and its beaches are the perfect landscape for rib cruising, with a magnificent bottom that many divers prefer.

The island’s nightlife is built around tradition and Greek food.

All over Town, but also in the settlements and villages of the island you will find taverns and restaurants with excellent Greek flavors, from local products of Tinos.

Art has been and is a big part of the lives of the inhabitants of Tinos, an island from which great artists of modern Greek art come from. Visit the Museum of Tinian Artists, which houses the works of the world-famous Gyzis, Chalepa, Vitalis, Sohos and Filippotis.

Throughout the island you will find museums dedicated to the art of the island and on occasion, such as the Chalepas Museum, dedicated to famous artists on the island.

Apart from art, the island is also rich in history. The name of the island itself has its roots in prehistoric times, since the island has been inhabited since.

At the Archaeological Museum in Tinos Town, you will find remains of antiquity and the Temple of Poseidon and Amphitritis, located in the village of Kiona, dating back to the 5th century b.C.
It goes without saying that the famous Easter of Tinos and the customs around the Icon of Virgin Mary are greatly appreciated amongst travellers.

Those who are interested in the Christian tradition of Tinos will surely love the Holy Week customs.

In addition to the Easter traditions, on January 30th the celebration of the miraculous Image of Virgin Mary is celebrated with the custom of “Lanterns”.

Students start walking from their schools holding lanterns and end up at the Evangelistria Church. On the 23rd of July all over the island is celebrated the Vision of Saint Pelagia, which led to finding the image of Virgin Mary.

However you want to spend your vacation, one thing is certain: the island of Tinos will enchant you with its beauty, you will relax on its beaches, get in touch with traditions, history, and art, and spend unforgettable holidays with sightseeing in Tinos.

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